Disasters are our business.
Veterans are our passion.

Team Rubicon Global provides veterans around the world with opportunities to serve others in the wake of disasters. Learn how you can support our efforts to build a global veteran community that provides assistance to disaster victims.

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Why Veterans?

There is an opportunity to continue to provide veterans with the sense of purpose, community and identity derived from their service.

Team Rubicon Global offers an opportunity for veterans to lead humanitarian efforts with a unified purpose, mission, and intensity that is reminiscent of their military service. Team Rubicon Global recognizes that the skills and leadership capacity of veterans is critically relevant in rebuilding disaster-affected communities. As a result, communities celebrate veterans as assets, strengthening global perception of the modern veteran.


Veterans have acquired skills while in service that directly apply to disaster relief efforts. They maintain calm amidst chaos, operate flexibly, and adapt to changing conditions. Whether the need is for a medical triage, incident management, or debris clearing, this set of capabilities makes veterans ideal candidates as first-on- the-ground responders.


Not only are veterans uniquely qualified to navigate highly dangerous, uncertain contexts – they thrive in it. Veterans can organize, train, equip, and deploy efficiently. Often times as the first team on the ground, TRG leads groups to provide effective relief for disaster victims.


Military veterans have the experience, the drive and the will to rapidly deploy to disaster zones to provide life-saving emergency assistance. TRG enables veterans to apply those skills on missions in support of civilian communities, and translate their experiences into the civilian workforce.

Why Disasters?

With the frequency and severity of natural disasters around the world increasing, Team Rubicon Global is uniquely suited with the right skills, leadership, and drive to serve.

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Why Now?

Veteran reintegration poses a challenge for many countries due to their lack of support networks and inability to fulfill their veteran community’s desire to serve.

With hundreds of thousands service people returning home from active duty, dozens of countries around the world are faced with the challenge of reintegration. Team Rubicon Global is uniquely positioned to assist with their reintegration and fulfill their desire to serve.

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