The Telegraph: Army veterans head to flood-hit Yorkshire to help elderly

  Civilian aid group Team Rubicon work with volunteers from Islamic charities to provide assistance to flooded towns in Cumbria Photo: PA By Steven Swinford, Deputy Political Editor, and Michael Wilkinson 3:18PM GMT 29 Dec 2015 Dozens of armed forces veterans have volunteered to help flood-hit communities in North Yorkshire recover by clearing up damage and assisting the elderly. Nearly … Continued

TR UK Member Reflection from Paul Taylor

British Army Veteran Paul Taylor Deploys to South Carolina Paul Taylor enlisted with the British Army at age 16 and served with the infantry for 26 years. The former Fusilier now resides in the town of Hay-on-Wye in Wales, and earlier this month, he departed for South Carolina to support Operation: Palmetto Punch with Team Rubicon USA. … Continued

Press Release: Commits to Disaster Relief Innovation at CGI

BY BRYAN BRECKENRIDGE Today, we are incredibly excited to share that has become a supporting member of the Clinton Global Initiative’s (CGI) Commitments to Action, in the area of disaster relief innovation. By pledging this commitment – a defining feature of CGI – will dedicate time, volunteer resources, and technology to help revolutionize the way disaster relief … Continued

Press Release: Aviation Industry Committed to Improve Disaster Response

Humanitarian relief organization Airlink announced today a partnership to improve disaster response as part of a Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action. The commitment titled “Help is on the Way” aims to build a global disaster response network of airlines, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other donors dedicated to improving the process through which disaster response … Continued

Team Rubicon Global Partners with OMAZE

Team Rubicon Global and OMAZE are partnering to auction once-in-a-lifetime experiences to raise funds for future Team Rubicons across the world. John Oliver, comedian and host of Last Week Tonight, is offering a lucky winner the chance to join him on his New York City set for the “most American day ever”. Glenn Howerton, star … Continued

TRG Directors Discuss Transitioning Veterans at The Rifles Club in London

During a recent luncheon in London, a select-member audience had the opportunity to meet Team Rubicon United Kingdom (TR UK) volunteers and hear about their recent experiences in Nepal. Guests learned, contrary to popular belief, that many veterans are humanitarians at heart who seek opportunities to do that which originally inspired them to serve in the … Continued

One Team, By Tim Edwards – Team Rubicon UK

As I get more deeply involved in the Team Rubicon UK planning for a stand alone humanitarian mission to the Philippines and whilst reflecting on our contribution to the Team Rubicon USA deployment in Nepal, I find myself thinking more and more about the potency of the wider Team Rubicon Nation. I am an ex … Continued

Team Rubicon UK Member Reflection by David Wiseman

On April 25, a huge earthquake rocked Nepal leaving thousands dead and millions affected. Much of the population lives in small villages high in the mountains and have been cut off from aid by the unforgiving terrain. The original earthquake was followed by a number of aftershocks causing landslides capable of burying villages and blocking … Continued