Mission, Values and Vision


Team Rubicon Global supports the Team Rubicon Network by fostering the establishment and development of Team Rubicon country units and by facilitating the Team Rubicon Network to provide effective provision of humanitarian aid in the wake of disasters and, in so doing, help veterans find purpose and community.

Team Rubicon has ignited a movement

Team Rubicon recruits, trains, equips, organizes and deploys veterans to aid in disaster response operations around the world. This is our way of bridging the gap between returning veterans and their home communities. We demonstrate - to society and individual veterans alike - that veterans are powerful resources with skills to be harnessed.


A Sense of Purpose Team Rubicon offers a unique opportunity to be part of humanitarian efforts with a unified purpose, mission, and intensity that is reminiscent of military experience.
Part of a Community The team-based model gives veterans the opportunity to be part of a larger community with a shared vision, creating a familiar sense of belonging and comradeship.
A Feeling of Identity Veterans strengthen their sense-of-self by proudly identifying with Team Rubicon through the meaningful contributions they make on disaster-affected communities.


Over 225 missions rebuilding communities from disasters that range from hurricanes, to tornadoes, to floods, to earthquakes.
Over 60,000 volunteers committed to serve.
Over 10,000 veterans have deployed to over 10 countries, with an initial response time of 24 hours or less.
Tens of thousands of lives affected in communities around the globe.


Team Rubicon Global is an organization that thrives because of the assets of military veterans.

We believe that veterans from countries around the world have unique skills and training, and should be celebrated as skilled members in their communities. We also recognize that veterans have an ongoing desire to serve others meaningfully and that through service they may realize a renewed sense of purpose, community and identity. Providing emergency relief during times of disaster is a unique opportunity for veterans to demonstrate the power of their skills and training at a time when natural disasters are increasing in frequency and severity.

The following values transcend our organization:

Global Citizenship

We are impartial, apolitical, and non-religious. TR's identity transcends geographic and political borders, and serves to foster cross-cultural understanding.

Servant Leadership

We serve with humility and respect. TR members place the needs of others ahead of their own without expectation of personal gain or reward.


We deliver the highest standards of quality in disaster response. We work with public and private organizations, and place transparency, accountability, and efficiency at the center of our operations.


We are accustomed to austere conditions, thrive in chaos, and face natural disasters head-on. We are determined to deliver aid to those who need it most, wherever and whoever they are.


We are military veterans and first responders from around the world who are driven by our commitment to restore human well-being in the wake of disasters. We are committed to leaving communities we serve empowered to help themselves.

Bias for Action

We are forward leaning, and when lives are at stake, we have a propensity to act or decide on the 80% solution. We do not wait for perfect information, because ‘perfect’ is too slow.


Team Rubicon Global provides veterans around the world with opportunities to serve others in the wake of disasters.