The Model

To expand Team Rubicon globally, we’re creating two distinct organizations.

TRx is modeled on the success of Team Rubicon USA; it is the Team Rubicon country organization that will be launched in places with high veteran need and ample opportunities for disaster response. TRx trains members so that they are able to capably respond to disasters and comply with existing emergency response standards. TRx is a non-profit organization that exists as part of the TRG network. Each country organization subscribes to the TRG guiding principles and subjects itself to a yearly audit and recharter. Read More

Team Rubicon Global is the organization that incubates, launches, oversees and facilitates the mission of TRx organizations in countries around the world. It helps TRx organizations reach maturity and conducts yearly audits to maintain quality control across the network. TRg asserts brand control, shares stories, sets operating standards, shapes the global culture, fosters and maintains international relationships on behalf of the individual country organizations, and spreads learning and best practices across the Team Rubicon network. Read More

Team Rubicon delivers two types of impact: it helps veterans and disaster victims. Each country falls along a spectrum of need for each of these two types of impact.


Team Rubicon will focus on markets where veteran need is greatest. Markets with both high veteran need and high disaster response need will have the most opportunity to engage veterans. Markets with significant veteran need but a lower disaster response need may still represent an opportunity for TR due to a strong history of international humanitarian aide.


Markets with low veteran need and low disaster response need are not places where Team Rubicon can deliver significant impact. Therefore, these are not markets in which Team Rubicon should focus.