Press Release: Team Rubicon UK Deploys to Nepal

Veterans from the British Armed Forces Deploy to Nepal for Earthquake Relief

London, UK (PRWEB) May 02, 2015

Team Rubicon UK, the first initiative of Team Rubicon Global- a nonprofit organization giving military veterans around the world the opportunity to serve through disaster response- has deployed a team of 10 volunteers to Nepal to assist in relief efforts following the recent earthquake. The team consists of 10 British Armed Forces veterans including 5 Gurkhas. The Team Rubicon UK members will be joining Team Rubicon USA currently providing support in Nepal.

General Sir Nick Parker, former Commander of UK Land Forces with service in Iraq and Afghanistan and a board member of Team Rubicon Global said, “I am overwhelmed by the extraordinary levels of interest and support shown by UK veterans and Gurkhas. This response is demonstrating the need for Team Rubicon Global in an incredibly persuasive and inspiring way.”

According to recent news reports, the death toll in Nepal hovers above 5,000. Thousands of homes and buildings have been destroyed. Survivors are in desperate need of food, shelter, medical aid, and water. The massive 7.8 earthquake is the worst to hit the region in over 80 years.

William McNulty, Cofounder and CEO of Team Rubicon Global, stated “There is great need in Nepal for skilled first responders that can help alleviate the suffering. Veterans across the United Kingdom and the United States have raised their hands to volunteer. The Team Rubicon model will leverage the skills and experiences veterans learned at war for the good of peace.”

About Team Rubicon Global: Team Rubicon Global assists coalition countries to recruit, train, equip, and deploy veterans to aid in disaster response operations around the world. The organization is designed to bridge the gap between disasters and large scale aid – giving returning veterans a renewed sense of purpose, community, and identity post military service. TRG demonstrates – to global societies and individual veterans alike – that veterans are powerful resources with skills to be harnessed. To learn more or to donate, visit