Press Release: TRG Announces a Continued Partnership with the A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation

Team Rubicon Global (TRG) is excited to announce our continued partnership with the A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation to advance Team Rubicon’s mission of providing veterans with opportunities to serve others in the wake of disasters. As a founding sponsor, the Foundation is a critical partner in the expansion of the Team Rubicon (TR) network.

“We are honored again to be recipients of a grant from the A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation. The Clark Foundation has enabled us to aid communities struck by disaster and provide opportunities for continued service by our volunteers who have served in military and emergency services from around the world,” said Steve Hunt, interim CEO and CIO/CTO of Team Rubicon Global. “We look forward to expanding the service opportunities to our Team Rubicon country units as they improve the condition of communities in recovery from natural disasters and in need of humanitarian aid.”

The grant will be used to fund areas critical to implementing Team Rubicon Global’s expansion plans, while strengthening the infrastructure necessary to support its growing member base. As the TR network experiences dramatic growth in both the size of its member base and the complexity of its operations, TRG will continue to play a crucial role in providing operational support, from building stronger relationships with governmental and other nongovernmental organizations to standardizing technology, tools and processes integral to effective disaster response operations.

The A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation seeks out grantees who build practical, immediate and concrete connections between effort and opportunity, focusing its investments in four core areas: engineering studies, D.C. education, D.C. community, and veterans’ initiatives.
The Clark Foundation targets its support of the veteran community to help veterans navigate the transition from military to civilian life, investing in their health, education, employment, family, health/wellness and sense of purpose.

“We are proud to once again partner with Team Rubicon Global as they continue to give veterans that sense of belonging to something special, working alongside each other to help those in need after disasters,” said Mike Monroe, Director of Veterans’ Programs at the A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation. “The Foundation is excited to see Team Rubicon Global scale their capacity to help establish and support Team Rubicon organizations around the globe.”

About Team Rubicon Global: Team Rubicon Global supports the Team Rubicon Network by fostering the establishment and development of Team Rubicon country units and by facilitating the Team Rubicon Network to provide effective humanitarian aid in the wake of disasters and, in so doing, help veterans find purpose and community. Team Rubicon Global launches and supports independent disaster response veteran service organizations, each referred to as Team Rubicon, located in select countries around the world.

About the A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation: The A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation is the family foundation of the late A. James Clark, former head of Clark Construction Group, and his wife, Alice B. Clark. The Foundation invests in helping hard workers with a drive to achieve. Formerly the Clark Charitable Foundation, the Foundation has four priority areas: engineering education, D.C. education, D.C. community, and Veterans. Learn more at