TRG Announces Global Partnership with Young & Rubicam

Y&R Memphis Lands Global Account

Memphis Business Journal – 16 SEP 2016

Y&R Memphis has secured another national client.

Y&R Memphis, the newest office of New York-based global advertising agencyYoung & Rubicam Inc., recently formalized a partnership with Team Rubicon Global.

Team Rubicon is an organization that deploys military veterans as disaster response teams or on humanitarian missions. With greater demand in other countries for disaster response, Team Rubicon is exploring different organizational models that could help it “maintain, amplify and evolve” the attributes that have made it a success in the U.S.

Y&R Memphis has been engaged to develop a startegic plan for Team Rubicon and spread its mission throughout the world.

“We are thrilled that we are partnering with such an inspirational organization. Not only has Team Rubicon made a lasting impression inside the U.S. with its incredible response to domestic disasters, it has been growing its ability to work on a global level, and that’s what we are most excited about,” said Ken Dowling, managing director of Y&R Memphis. “We are ready to jump right in.”

Since 2010, Team Rubicon has helped veterans acclimate to civilian life by using their military skills during disasters. Whether there is a need for medical triage, incident management or debris clearing, veterans have the skills necessary to be first-responders.

“With its deep history with military clients, Y&R is perfectly poised to help us change the narrative about what it means to be a veteran,” said William McNulty, CEO and co-founder of Team Rubicon Global. “Veterans are assets, with skills and experiences that make them uniquely qualified for disaster response.”

Y&R Memphis opened its new Downtown offices in August, after a $457 million, five-year contract with the U.S. Navy brought them to the Bluff City.