Press Release: TRG Announces PwC Charitable Foundation as a Founding Sponsor

Team Rubicon Global (TRG) is excited to announce a $1 million multi-year grant from the PwC Charitable Foundation, Inc. to advance its mission of providing veterans around the world with opportunities to serve others in the wake of disasters. As a founding sponsor, the PwC Charitable Foundation is a critical supporter in the multinational expansion of the Team Rubicon (TR) network.

“The PwC Charitable Foundation has been a longtime supporter of Team Rubicon USA,” said William McNulty, cofounder of Team Rubicon and CEO of TRG. “This new grant for Team Rubicon Global will help us expand the TR network around the world, increasing our ability to respond when disaster strikes and engaging a global coalition of veterans and first responders.”

The PwC Charitable Foundation grant will enable TRG to accelerate the establishment of new Team Rubicon organizations overseas, ensuring their capacity to operate independently while continuing organizational alignment with guiding mission and values. It will also address critical needs through the expansion of its Mobile Training Team, which mentors new TR organizations through the launch process. This team provides training and operational support to rapidly build operational capability, and ensures that volunteers from across the globe are prepared to meet the high standards expected from the organization.

“We are proud to continue our support of the honorable and critical work of Team Rubicon and expand investments to Team Rubicon Global,” said Shannon Schuyler, president of the PwC Charitable Foundation. “We applaud Team Rubicon’s ability to prepare, mobilize and deploy resources to disaster-stricken communities with thoughtful consideration to cultural sensitivity, and human compassion that transcends geographic and political borders and serves to foster cross-cultural understanding. This grant will help expand TRG’s global presence and rapid response in the event of disasters, and it complements PwC’s global network, which allows our people to engage in meaningful ways based on their unique skills to uplift communities in need around the world. As a founding sponsor, we look forward to advancing TRG’s mission to deploy disaster relief on a larger scale and achieve an even greater impact.”

Team Rubicon Global incubates, launches, and enables TR organizations in countries around the world. It coordinates international operations, sets operating standards, maintains brand control, and establishes strategic relationships with foreign governments, multinational institutions, and non-governmental organizations. TRG coordinated deployments to Nepal following the 2015 earthquake, the Philippines to continue Typhoon Haiyan reconstruction efforts, Northern Greece for refugee support operations, and Fort McMurray, Canada to support residents impacted by wildfires.


About the PwC Charitable Foundation, Inc.:
People are at the heart of the PwC Charitable Foundation, Inc.’s mission and theories of change. The PwC Charitable Foundation, Inc. supports and scales the work of innovative organizations, social entrepreneurs and courageous leaders who are transforming education, empowering veterans and the children of our military service men and women, inspiring social entrepreneurship and responding rapidly in times of natural disasters and other tragic events. The Foundation also supports the people of PwC in times of unexpected financial hardship and celebrates them in times of remembrance and achievement.

Team Rubicon Global provides veterans around the world with opportunities to serve others in the wake of disasters. Affiliate countries include the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. For more about Team Rubicon Global, visit Also see us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.