Welcome to Our Newest Board Members

This month, we are happy to announce that we are welcoming two new members to the Team Rubicon Global Board of Directors. These two individuals bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to our board and we know that they will make an immediate and meaningful impact on our work.

Mick Slater served in the Australian Army as an infantry officer for nearly 40 years before joining Linfox Logistics as a member of their executive leadership team. An Aussie Greyshirt, Mick has served with Team Rubicon Australia since its inception.

Geoff Trukenbrod also joins our board and has been involved with Team Rubicon Global since 2014. His experience in private equity, management consulting, and strategy make him an exceptional asset to our team as we expand the Team Rubicon Global network.

As we approach the end of another successful year, we look forward to 2019 with these outstanding new Board Members on the team. You can learn more about our team, and our Board of Directors here.